Welcome to ‘ZA ZONE, “Everything On Pizza”

Whether you’re interested in making pizza at home, a fan of eating pizza,
or a pizza professional, I hope my pizza concepts inspire you to color to the edges
of the line in life’s coloring book in relation to what can go on pizza.
Pizza is a plate, and all foods of the world could go on that plate. This is my goal.
Thank you for visiting my site.

Lasagna Pizza

Lasagna Pizza is a pizza made to be segmented or cut into 8 squares each with its own island of lasagna in the middle of each octet cut. I detail the assembly of the pizza in an attempt to motivate you to have your own fun with the marriage of two amazing foods: Lasagna and Pizza!

Gyros Pizza on Tzatziki & Ricotta Sauce

Gyros Pizza? If you think about it, is not that much of a stretch. A gyros sandwich is almost in pizza form before you fold it and eat it. I take you through my simple modifications that make this an easy pizza to create.

Pot Roast Dinner Pizza

Who said you couldn’t make Pot Roast Dinner Pizza? Not me, I’ll teach you how it’s done! Everything goes on pizza, and this American standard is no exception.

Garlic Kielbasa and Sweet Pepper Pizza

It is time to place pepperoni in back seat and let some real meat drive the ‘ZA bus! Garlic Kielbasa and Sweet Pepper Pizza is an amazing flavor combination. Using Kiolbassa Meats Kielbasa from Texas, this ‘ZA is big and wide on flavor. The sweet peppers hit the perfect high notes to balance the Earth pounding flavor of this great sliced sausage. Take a ride in your own mind and think of what you want on Pizza, then make it happen!

Mac and Cheese Pizza with Cream of Parmesan sauce

Mac and Cheese Pizza, while it is more and more commonplace, is a favorite alternative to a red sauce pizza. My version hijacks cream of mushroom soup to make a cream white parmesan sauce to complement the creaminess of the Mac and cheese. Even the cheeses used for the pizza are not as common as you might think. My goal is to entice you to make your own Mac and Cheese ‘ZA. We need to color outside the lines in the world of ‘ZA.

Tortellini & Meatball Pizza

Tortellini & Meatball Pizza combines 5 cheese Tortellini & Chicken Meatballs on a classic red sauce sheet pizza. You can have pasta, meatballs, and pizza in one bite!